Cash, Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders,
Bank Wire Transfers, PayPal.

1. Please note that, while we will accept cash as payment, we cannot be held responsible for any letters or packages that may go astray in the postal system.

2. A handling charge of 4% is attached to all domestic Paypal purchases and 5% to International Paypal purchases. A $20. charge is added to all Bank Wire Transactions.

3. Personal checks may be held for up to two weeks by the bank before clearing and items will not be shipped until the check has cleared.

4. An item is placed 'On Hold' as soon as a client e-mails or writes with a confirmation of an order. This will terminate after 30 days, unless prior agreement is reached with the customer regarding the schedule of payment.

5. Failure to pay as per the agreement will seriously affect future orders with that customer, who will then be required to pay a 20% nonrefundable deposit in order to have another item placed 'On Hold'.

6. Customers interested in items already placed 'On Hold' may get in line to be notified if those items are made available again.

7. Shipping costs, plus insurance costs, if desired by the purchaser, will be added to the purchase price plus the handling charge.

8. Payment for any returned items will be reimbursed to the customer, less shipping and handling charges and a re-stocking fee of twenty percent of the asking price, assuming the item is in the exact same condition as it was when shipped to the customer. Items must be insured for the full value, as the customer is responsible for the item during transit.

9. Items will be available for a 48 hour inspection period from the time of delivery.

10. Please note that conditions 8 and 9 do not apply when an item is bought with payments over time or if a discount is given. These items are considered 'sale final' when the first payment is received.

11. Please note that all items are adequately documented photographically, so that there can be no dispute over whether an item is in the same condition as it was when shipped to the customer. This documentation may include many more detailed images than are posted on the website.

12. Images on cgfinearts.com are the property of Colin Griffiths and may only be used by a customer for personal reference purposes. Any other reproduction is not allowed, unless permission is specifically granted by Colin Griffiths.

13. We will do our best to adequately describe an item and will mention anything obvious that may be considered detrimental. It should be borne in mind, however, that all descriptions and artist history are strictly our own thoughts and opinions and we cannot guarantee that these opinions will necessarily concur with the opinions of others.


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